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About us


After two years of attending YOUTH 2000 retreats in Denver, CO, we asked the current Diocese of Cheyenne Bishop at the time if we could bring the National YOUTH 2000 organization to Wyoming. In the year 2000 we had our first retreat in the Diocese of Cheyenne,  which was held in Casper. Throughout the next 6 years, under the direction of the Bishop, the National YOUTH 2000 team traveled throughout the Diocese, going to each Deanery in the Diocese. During those early years, the National team taught us how to put together the retreat and soon we began holding the retreat on our own. TRANSFORMED (formerly Wyoming Catholic Youth Retreat) was born at that point and we have been holding the retreat every year since.  It is our desire and mission to continue the same focus and spirituality of the YOUTH 2000  retreats and continue to invite the Franciscan Friars of Renewal to lead. We have also invited the Dominican & Carmelite religious to join us with Diocesan priests as well.  It is our desire to have as many religious orders with us to share in their spirituality, and to invite young people to consider a vocation to the priesthood and religious life. Parents are welcome to be their children's chaperones and youth ministers are welcome to bring groups and will be the chaperone of their group. Please see more information regarding this on our registration page and form. 

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