A weekend to sit at the feet of Jesus and rest in His Eucharistic presence could not be more needed. We are so happy to be offering the retreat we all have grown to love over the past 20+ years. 

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To register as an individual, please take the time to fill out this registration form. This form must be filled out for all individual participants, SIGNED by parent/guardian if youth coming with a YOUTH GROUP and or without family.  ALL Youth Group CHAPERONES must also fill out form & purchase a ticket. You can electronically purchase your tickets at this link. If you chose to pay by credit card, please indicate you have done so on your form when mailing in. You may also send a check with your form instead if you prefer. 
Cost is:
$55 per person by 2/14/2021
$65 per person after 2/14/2022

Registration Form

There must be one adult chaperone, age 21 and over, for every one to seven youth under the age of 18. Chaperones must arrive with, attend and stay with their youth during the Retreat in the same facility. All chaperones and volunteers must fulfill and be in compliance with their Diocesan policies and requirements for providing a safe and secure environment for minors.