Retreat Schedule 


6:30 PM Music

7:00 Welcome/Rosary

7:30 Mass, Homily – A Retreat with Jesus Christ 

8:45 MC/MUSIC Adoration and the Real Presence “I Am the Bread of Life” Jn 6:35

9:00 Exposition, Music, Meditation, Adoration 

9:45 Closing – All Night Adoration follows 


8:30 Music & Morning Prayer

9:00 Talk – Who is Jesus Christ? 

                     “Whoever Sees the Son and Believes in Him Shall have Eternal Life” Jn. 6:40 

9:45 Workshops

10:15 Short Break

10:30 Testimonies 

11:30 AM Lunch

1:15 Talk – Examination of Conscience and the Sacrament of Reconciliation   “I Will                                 Not Reject Anyone Who Comes to Me” Jn. 6:37

2:00 Workshops

2:45 Break  

3:15 International Rosary, Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament 

4:00 Mass, Homily – The Eucharist and the Paschal Mystery 

                                     “This is the Bread That Comes Down from Heaven” Jn. 6:58

5:30 Dinner

6:30 Talk – Reconciliation: Gift of the Holy Spirit 

                                   “It is the Spirit That Gives Life, the Flesh has Nothing to Offer” jn. 6:63

7:15 Music, Meditation, Adoration, & Eucharistic Prayer Service 

9:15 Closing – All Night Adoration Follows 


8:30 AM     Music & Morning Prayer

9:00 Talk - Mary, Star of Evangelization  “Do Whatever He tells You” Jn. 2:5

9:30 Short Break

9:45 Divine Mercy Chaplet, Benediction & Reposition of the Blessed 

10:15 Crowning of Mary

10:30 Mass, Homily – Witnessing to Christ (Evangelization) 

           “The Words I have Spoken are Spirit and Life” Jn 6:63

12:00 Testimonies 

12:30 Closing

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